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Gallo Latin Fish Names

September 8, 2012

The fish names on the article ‚Gallolateinische Fischnamen‘ where for the most part used in Gaulish Latin. The list is quoted following ‚The Regional Diversification of Latin 200 BC – AD 600‘ by James Noel Adams. Some fishes got several names because they didn’t have the same name all over Gaul and because it is sometimes hard to decide which fish was refered to.

Most of the names Adam did quote from three books, namely the Laterculus by Polemius Silvius (Pol.), the Mosella by Ausonius (Aus.) and de oberservatione ciborum by Anthimus (Anth.)

For comparisons sake I added the zoological Latin translations of the German names. (I will add English names later.) Most Gaulish Latin names could probably denote more then one kind of fish. Salmon and Lamprey I did only use the generic names. I did add the length mark on my own though they are not used in encyclopidias.


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