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Looking for more learners for Dutch creoles.

Dezember 24, 2017

There are stilll not enough people learning the Dutch creole languages. Not enough in this case means that it is hard to lead a conversation in one of them. I speak Berbice Dutch and Negerhollands and I know quite a few people who understand a great deal of what I say but only few shape their own sentences from time to time. It woud be easy to learn Berbice Dutch or Negerhollands but peope who are interested in hardly learnt languages usually are learning so many languages already that they cannot work another one in. If you would like to learn a Dutch creole and have the time I will help you for sure. We also have a room in Folksprak chat. You will have to type „/join ##berbice-dutch“. I often go there in the evenings but I have Central European Time.



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